A selection of our experiences

"Arizona Sunshine"

In the overcrowded genre of VR shooters game, with quite a few of the variety of zombie games already on the market makes “Arizona Sunshine” stands out in this zombie slaughter with many new features to ensure that “Arizona Sunshine” stands way above their competitors.

Although it offers an expanded scope compared to the competition, Arizona Sunshine is still very much a wave based shooter. The twist? Rather than jumping between areas you walk between them. It does`nt mean it`s a casual stroll, because this is anything but casual. You get some breaks, allowing brief opportunities to stop and smell the virtual roses, but you will also have to clear out zombies along the way. This is more like training, or a buildup before the next big encounter. The speed of the game – two player campaign co-op and all – are reminiscent of a slower paced Left 4 Dead.

Richie's Plank

Richie’s Plank Experience was designed to invoke the strongest possible emotions in the shortest possible time. Entertain your friends and family for a walk on the plank, 80 stories high. Your knees will shake, palms sweat.

If that is´nt enough for you, the nightmare mode, sky writing or flying in the three hero academy missions will.

If you’re expecting a 2 hour game for yourself, this probably isn’t right for you, don’t buy this game! But If you plan to entertain your friends and of family this is the one for you. Make the game more real by adding a real plank. Use world’s first system to clone there real-world objects into the VR world. 

Skyfront VR

 This game building upon the legacy of classic PC arena shooters, Skyfront VR is set to push the genre forward into the realm of VR that is a first of its kind.

There is a considerable hurdle for many people when it comes to VR. Be it nausea, dizziness, motion sickness, you name it.

Looking to tackle the hurdle that motion sickness poses for many prospective VR gamers – particularly in the FPS space – Skyfront VR boasts unique locomotion mechanics that help to center players and provide them with a more comfortable gameplay experience. Which is a nice prospect for those who’ve wanted to play VR, but couldn’t because of nausea.